Friday, November 16, 2007


Last night was a fun time. Took down the $10 Mookie blogger for my 2nd win in the Blogger Aussie Millions Freeroll....Challenge? Think that's the full name. Either way, lots of cool people Ive met along the way.

To start off, a few things. Jax something and I got in a little scuff last night. Just so everyone knows, Im roughly 6-15 deep by the time 11PM rolls around. How big of a douchebag I am depends on what Im 6-15 deep in at the time. He made a couple questionable shoves, I made a couple calls and we had a bit of an e-scuffle. Lucky for him, cuz Im pretty badass in real life (not really). No hard feelings. Either way, Im always down for HU for lives.

Moving on. I think most bloggers hate me. Understandable. I haven't played in these things before the Aussie freeroll so Im sure people feel like Lucko is bringing in his ringer friends to do his dirty work (get lots of seats filled). That's really not the case. I've had a ~blog for around 2 years now. The problem with my ~blogs is that they never last long. I have a super short attention span for poker. I'll start a cash game blog where I blog about 5/10-10/20 NL. I'll give that a ride for a bit, go on a bad downswing and then get sick of cash games. Delete that blog, move on to tourney blog. Rinse and repeat. This is probably my 6th blog or so. Ive been a blogger for a long time now, just havent really gotten into it as much as Sucko who everyone adores for his obvious dashing good looks and witty charm.

Last night started with me at a table with a bunch of unknowns. As Im sure everyone who has played against me knows, I really can't find anything but the raise button most of the time. I blame this on alcohol and a rough childhood. Regardless, it's fun and Im pretty good at it I must say. I lost about half my stack maybe 20 minutes into the thing, mostly from betting out on missed flops and getting min raised and then having to fold. For those that don't know me, I have a rule in tourneys that I absolutely live by 100%. If you at any point in a tourney raise me 3 times, we are getting all in, I don't give a fuck what I have. SO, anyone who wants my chips, bluff me twice then have the nuts the third time, you will get my stack (barring the 74% chance that I suckout). So anyway, can't remember his name right now, but the guy min raised me twice on a flop, once when he had position and once when he c/r me. The entire table seemed to follow suit, so I started getting a little quieter than I normally like. The third time said min raiser did this I decided to shove my A high on him with a 9 8 Q flop or something. I had AT. He had a set of 8's. Im a fav here. I of course hit my 87% shot on the turn and the table goes ballistic. One guy was evidently rubbing his eyes in disbelief. Im not 100% sure about this, but he said it in the chatbox and I don't have any reason to suspect he may be lying.

Well, I built up my stack after this from just raw aggression. The thing about my aggression tho, is that I always seem to have a hand at the right time when things are working well. Of course not every tourney works out perfectly, but it sure is fun when it does. I basically just raised a lot of pots that went uncontested. I got contested a few times by Jax and then ended up busting him in the end on a race. I came into the FT with a 2:1 CL and never looked back. I tried picking my spots a bit better since the FT players seemed overall to be pretty solid players. I faced Loretta HU. I have to admit, this guy has game. It was a tougher match than I expected and he actually took the CL from me at one point. I tried to stay aggressive, but at the same time wanted to avoid his constant prf shoves. I got my hand caught in the cookie jar a few times, but fortunately for me I finally shoved him with Q high when he had 10 BB and my Q high held against his A2. I was roughly a 76% fav there. Evidently the first half of the blogger challenge is over according to Lucko in IM 5 minutes ago. Im looking forward to playing in the 2nd half and hopefully I can pull off the overall leaderboard win for that time period. GL to all.

Monday, October 29, 2007


Took down the Blogger $24 tourney tonight. Won a nice $600 and a freeroll into the Aussie Millions Satty. Looking forward to playing with my buddy Lucko21. Just an FYI, we have been accused of being the same person b4 on 2+2. We play a similar style, but I assure you we are not the same person. For one, Im not a fatty (yet). For two, I like women. Really not much else I can say. GL us!

Prob gonna be playing a bit less the next week or so. Im closing on my first "flip" property tomorrow so I've gotta get things organized for that. Get contractors out, get a realtor to list it, sell it, etc. Big project. Hopefully I can pull this off and get a good business venture going.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Random Things

Been awhile since I've blogged. Mostly because I've been busy with life. Had my 2nd son, Justin, end of August and I've also started a real estate company. Things are picking up jobwise, I have a deal on a house Im supposed to close on within the next week, then I will take about a month or so to fix it up and put it back on the market. Pretty exciting stuff.

I've been crushing the 8PM DS on FTP lately. Two 3rd place finishes in 4 times played the past couple weeks. The 2nd FT, I had KJ AI on the turn against and ace high FD (he shoved on me after I checked the turn.) Ace on the river, obv. Would've had a massive chip lead if I won that pot. Oh well.

In other news, we just found out Ferris has a vagina.

Arney and WC are coming into town this weekend. Should be a fun time. We'll prob head downtown and go drinking and then maybe hit up a stripclub or something. I'll be keeping up with this thing a little better now that I have some time on my hands.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I run bad.....I run good?

Sigh at the police. Sigh....I've been pulled over like 5 times in the last 2 months, and like 3 times out of the 5 I've been drunk. (disclaimer: these are all estimates, I may or may not have been pulled over more times and may or may not have been drunk more times than 3). Anyway, expired tags, fender benders, etc. You name it and I've probably been pulled over for it. The great thing is, even though I was drunk, I got a ticket for expired tags or something similar and never gotten a DUI. Is it incredibly immature and irresponsible? You betcha. Do I care? Well, not really. I guess that's why I'm an internet asshole. Everyone just stopped reading my blog cuz they act like they give a shit about drunk driving. Let's face the facts. Everyone has done it, I've just probably done it more than you have. Get off your fucking high horse and kiss my ass.

Moving on:

Tonight I won about $1,500 total between live and online. I wanted to post a hand not because of any discussion value at all, but because of how awesome it was.

Uhhhh....evidently my pokertracker went busto. Am looking at the hands and it's nowhere to be found. Very weird. Anyway, basically I re-raised AA pre-flop, got a call against a guy who was playing very aggro. The flop is A 8 8 with two spades. I bet out because I'm incredibly awesome at poker, he raises, I call and we get it all in on the turn. He has 6 8. Ship it. Big pot there.

On a sidenote, is anyone else getting sick of this Michael Vick case? LOL at sportscenter. He could face up to 10 years in jail. My fucking ass he could. The dude makes like 10 trillion dollars a year. There are so many holes his lawyer could poke in this case it's not even funny. If he spends 5 minutes in jail I will be shocked. Just get on to the sports highlights and please for the love of god stop showing this shit. It's older than the Barry Bond's homerun record. (thank god he broke it so we don't have to see 30 minute expose's of him every episode)

Anyway, I'm probably a bit angry about being pulled over this morning while on my way to get breakfast. The cool thing for you is, you get to see me ruin my life from the sidelines and have no responsibility but to laugh at me. It's a win/win. My wife's inducement was moved back to tonight. She will be going to the hospital tonight and then will be induced sometime tomorrow morning. I expect at this time tomorrow my new son will be on the way. Thanks for all the well wishes guys and gals. (lol like girls read this)

Monday, August 13, 2007

New Baby

My wife is scheduled to go into the hospital tonight, not sure what time yet. She will be induced at 6AM tomorrow morning and should deliver sometime around the noon mark. I will keep you all updated.

Friday, August 10, 2007


Ive decided that I'm going to learn PLO. Reading the blogs of the high stakes players and seeing some of the shit that goes down even at games like 200/400 is just retarded. There's a lot of money to be made in this game. Right now Im still focusing on NLHE so this will be on the back burner for awhile as the games at my stakes have been pretty good lately. Im going to spend a lot of time studying the basics and then I will probably dip my toe into the 2/4 PLO games or something just to see how the games flow.

Variance is fun

Tonight was pretty crazy. I sat down to a couple 2/4 UB tables and immediately felt it was going to be "one of those nights". Not far into the session, I got a donkey all in prf with KK only to be shown AA. I also got all in with QQ on a rag flop and my opponent again had AA. Kevin and I were playing on a couple tables together and he beat the game pretty bad. I on the other hand ended down $700 after only a couple hours of play. Feeling a bit dejected, I decided to call it a night.

I logged into FTP not really planning on playing, but I decided to sit down on two different 2/4 heads up tables. The session started very poorly with me getting coolered on both tables for decent sized pots multiple times. I decided to keep grinding it out because I really felt my opponents were playing poorly and I had a significant edge in the game due to the mistakes they were making. Sure enough, 3 hours later I was sitting with over $5,000 on both tables combined. I'm really tired right now so I'm not going to post any hands for discussion, but I was very pleased with my ability to stay focused and play the best poker I know how to play. I believe I ended the day up roughly $3,000 or so.